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Updated 03/09/2001

The Artists that make Spaceworld

 Erik Viktor was born in Brussels, Belgium on the 4th of May 1960. He is the son of a P.R. mother Hilde Degraer and an Aerospace Writer, the late Wim Dannau
He fluently speaks and writes 6 languages.

Aged 11, he published his own school magazine in which many teachers wrote articles. The second issue of the magazine was censored by the school's director.

His first illustrations about WW2 were published in books when he was only 12 years old.
In 1979 at age 19 and with only 35 flying hours (the legal minimum on a PPL) he conquered the first place in a precision flying competition in Great Britain. Later he completed his airline pilot training at the "Oxford Air Training School" being the only student passing all written and flight tests on the first attempt. His progress was supervised by his tutor and spiritual father, former experimental test pilot Andrew William (Bill) Bedford O.B.E.

Erik Viktor has been painting visionary projects since october 1984, when he swapped careers from flying commercial aircraft to painting future space projects. His first attempted illustration showing the U.S. Space station, which included a text by his father Wim Dannau, was published straight away by 26 magazines world-wide (Figaro, Bunte, Washington Post Magazine, Playboy, Asahi Shinbun....). At the time it was the only illustration world-wide that showed the space station.
Together they produced many visionary illustrated articles showing secret or unknown futuristic technical projects. A reader would be an astronaut on Mars, raising the "Titanic" or flying the secret USAF plane "Aurora"....

1986 he designed a revolutionary bicycle called the Astrobike. The prototype was sold to one of the world's leading bicycle constructors. Its unique lines and innovations led to the present design trend in modern bicycles and scooters.

In 1987 Erik Viktor landed a big hit when his new illustrated story about the future of Europe in Space was published in the now famous French "Playboy" issue that pictured the naked wife of right-wing politician "Le Pen". Many other stories were at the time sold world-wide.

In 1990 he produced a large galaxy painting for Madame Tussaud's London Planetarium, which is still on display in the entrance Hall today.

A few years later, while still producing his visionary illustrated stories for the Press, he was by now writing them himself, he produced his first project illustration for MBB and later Deutsche Aerospace A.G.
Project "Saenger" was the first illustration for the industry. It became an immediate hit. Later another version of the "Saenger" project was produced for "Revell".

Many more have followed since including "Astrospas" for Dasa, Dara and NASA, "Cluster" illustrating the (failed) Ariane 5 start, "Meteosat", "EPS/Ariane 5", as well as a painting for MAN Technology illustrating "Ariane in the Sky".

Most of these were distributed worldwide by the company's Press offices or produced as posters.

In 1992 he produced the renowned visionary Space exhibition Spaceworld for the BDLI, the German Aerospace Association.
The same year(1992) one of his paintings showing Northern Germany, joined the first common German mission into orbit where it stayed on board of the Space Station MIR for three months. It was signed and stamped by all crews that visited the station.

In 1995 MAN Technology ordered 2 large paintings " Ariane in the Sky" and "At the edge of the Galaxy", each measuring from 3 to 8 m in length and 2.5 m in height to enhance their lobby.
In 1996, OHB System Technik ordered a similar painting called "Nebula" measuring 2.5 m x 3.5 m for their entrance Hall.

Erik Viktor is one a few artists working for several competing Aerospace Companies at the same time.

Today more than 120 magazines publish his work on a regular basis. Among them;
Der Spiegel, l'Express, Figaro, Focus, Hoerzu, Flug Revue, Bild, VSD, L'express, Interview, Cambio 16, Bild der Wissenschaft, Space, Cosmos, ....and many more.


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