The Spaceworld2000 exhibition


The artists that make SpaceWorld
Updated 19/07/2000

Space Artists

- Erik Viktor;
The creator of the Exhibition as well as of most of the exhibits.

- Leland Long; Astronomical Art by Leland Long
Leland is producing a set of very large visionary paintings for the Exhibition

- Jon Ramer; Jon Ramer's Home Page

- Gabriele Berndt;
Gabrielle 3 produced 3 giant paintings for the Exhibition in the past. She was one of the first artists to join the project in 1992.

- Ana Kozel;
Coming soon.

- Michaël Böhme;  Michael Böhme - Earth & Space Artist
Coming soon.

- Hans-Peter Fischer;
Coming soon.

- Andreas Von Retyï;
Coming soon.


- Mark Mercury; Mark produces the music for Space World.

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