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Updated 30/04/2002

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Spaceship Phoenix on take-off!
A nanorobot killing an Aids cell
View exclusive scientific & space projects movies and Jimmy the Martian animated by Erik Viktor
One of the Mars landscapes
The Meteosat model
The Spaceworld exhibits designed by Erik VIktor
Download the Latest Exhibition PDF file here !
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Spaceworld Sitemap

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Ariane in the Sky!
The Meteologica painting
Erik Viktor's Artwork, old and new online
The Rosetta duo floating above comet Wirtannen in 2011
Separation of the Rosetta probe and the lander
A site dedicated to the cometary "Rosetta" Probe. 8 digital paintings, QTVR, illustrate these web pages
Spaceworld at the Deutsches Museum in Munich!
Erik VIktor & Cosmonaut Valery Bykowsky in Leipzig (Germany)
The history of the Spaceworld Exhibition. The picture left features Cosmonaut A.Leonov & Erik Viktor
16 years of Space illustration for interna-tional magazines and institutions worldwide
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Articles & philosophy auch in deutsch
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