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Spaceworld is a 1000 square meters visionary space exhibition created by Artist-Writer Erik Viktor.
It tours European Museums and large so-called Mega Shopping Centers. It's aim is to create a link with the public and show the importance of Space Conquest for the future of mankind.
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 Since its première in Hamburg in January 1993, Space World has toured with flying colors over 36 cities in 4 countries; Germany, France, Switzerland, and Austria, mesmerizing millions of onlookers!

Space World displays  large scale models, panoramic paintings, landscapes, philosophy and visions of the future.
It includes the work of various international artists such as Andrei Sokolov(RUS), David A. Hardy(GB), Erik Viktor(B), as well as many others.

Meet Joemi our alien visitor, set foot on our Mars - Moon and Saturn landscapes, see the impressive new European launchers Ariane 5 (manned and unmanned), fly our spaceship Phoenix, read the Space world Philosophy, see fabulous Art by various artists, see our 3D Space Station, discover several object that were in Space, watch NASA and ESA movies.... and much more!

Spaceworld is continually updated and enhanced with new scale models, art and ideas.
Your ideas, visions, projects, exhibits are welcome too! Contact us and send us your tips, ideas, art....anything that might be of importance and that you think might enhance the Exhibition. Even though we can not garantee that they will all be retained, we do try to integrate as many as possible. If your work is retained you will get full credit for it.

ariane launcher in space world
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