The artists that make Spaceworld 2000
Updated 18/07/2000

Mark Mercury photo

Mark Mercury - Composer

Composer Mark Mercury describes his style of space music as "a blend of contemporary classical and futuristic electronic music." As such it embraces the purely orchestral, the purely electronic, and all the intervening tones and colors.
 Most of Mark's composing is devoted to solo albums and commissioned scores. His most recent album, "The Art of Space," is a kind of "musical space fantasy," in which eighteen compositions are smoothly structured into
a sixty-minute suite; while five, evocative space poems--created by accomplished poets, recited by professional actors, and underscored by Mark-- chronicle the thoughts and emotions of a lone space traveler spinning deeper and deeper into the cosmos.
 An earlier album, "Music of the Domes," consists of excerpts from the many planetarium soundtracks Mark has composed.  In recent years, Mark has worked on some of the best planetarium shows being produced today, in some of the top venues of the world, such as the Albert Einstein
Planetarium at the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution; L'Hemispheric in Valencia, Spain; and various other domes throughout the United States.
 Other works by Mark include "The Little Bug With A Big Idea," an orchestral tale for children (for live orchestra and narrator); music for modern dance; and numerous scores for film, television and animation projects.
Mark's music will illustrate the new Space World 2000 Exhibition by Erik Viktor.
A complete listing of his credits as well as downloadable music samples can be found at his web site:
Mark Mercury - Composer

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