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updated 09/04/2002

Search-engines and data-bases


Astroplace; A very interesting site with otq of links to various astronomy related sites, pictures, news... and much more!

Brian's Space Hotlist


Aerospaceguide: Space Projects and Info database

The 'AirNet' Web Site; Hundreds of links to aviation and space websites, from aircraft to flight simulators, WW2 wrecks and much more!

Space ref; Your space reference. You type it, Space Ref. finds it!

HobbySpace (;
Your guide to space hobbies and activities!

  • Organisations, Institutions & Co.

The Planetary Society (USA)

An organisation dedicated to show the importance of space conquest for mankind.

The Planetary Society: Links  (check- out the link about halfway down this site!)

Ars Astronautica;

an OURS Foundation web project dedicated to developing a cultural dimension to humanity's space endeavors by exploring, reporting and nurturing the contemporary arts in and about space.


A global association of artists
dedicated to astronomical art & visions. Includes some of the world's most renowned Space -Artists.

 Members List of the I.A.A.A.

The Mars Society;
 The Mars Society

Space Settlement Related Web Sites:  A site with interesting links related to space settlement.

A must for all potential "Buck Rogers" and "Barbarellas"

(Check-out the site at the bottom of the page..)

This site also contains interesting scientific information about extra-terrestrial settlements as well as about nano-technology. A very interesting site with a profound visionary content.

NASA Homepage

NAS Computational Molecular Nanotechnology

Nanotech Team - Home Page

news: space station

Human Space Flight Gallery

Virtual realityWelcome to the ISS Virtual Tour

International Space Station Home

Hubble -Space Telescope Science Institute Home Page

NASA Space Science Homepage

The Next Generation Space Telescope

The Canadian Space Agency

The Canadian Space Agency

The Air & Space Museum Washington
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Home Page


The German Space authority - DLR

DLR - Willkommen

The European Space Agency - ESA

European Space Agency
 ESA Science

The Rosetta mission website; note the digital painting on the right made for "Astrium (EADS)" by Erik Viktor

The french Space Agency - CNES
CNES : Comprendre l'Espace

CNES : Département Education-Jeunesse

The makers of the Ariane Rocket

Arianespace - The Ariane 5 Launcher


Piloting Astronautics

A Russian site with the biographies of most former Soviet bloc Cosmonauts



Extra terrestrial Life Development.A very intersting site in english and Dutch with lots of data about extra terrestrial life develoment.

Henry's Future pages

Henry's future pages.A site relating about nanotechnology, living in Space, cryonic suspension...

Transhumanism is the philosophy or belief that it is good to improve oneself, physically and mentally, and that it is good not to accept the existing biological and social limits, and that these limits can be overcome through the use of rational methods like technology and science.


Universe Today - Space news from around the Internet, updated every weekday

  • Artists & Individuals

Michele Fusco; visit the site of this great new space artist producing very bright colourful art.

David.A. Hardy (Illustration and art)
David A. Hardy's Astro Art Pages;  A great artist and human being. A Pioneer in his field and example for many. Spaceworld is proud to have Mr. Hardy as a Star-Guest. David A. Hardy has illustrated many books by Arthur C. Clark, Carls sagan and other pioneers. His illustrations are published worldwide.

Bill Hartmann

A great artist, scientist and visionary. His creative work in the last few years has been divided among three areas: scientific research at PSI, his paintings, and his writing. He is currently on the imaging team of NASA's Mars Global Surveyor mission.

Mark Mercury Composer
Marc Mercury Albums; Spatial sounds and samples to download as on the Spaceworld homepage. Mark produces the music for the Spaceworld 2000 exhibition as well as for many Planetariums, movies, museums worldwide.

Leland Long
Leland Long; An interesting site showing future spaceprojects designed by the artist. Leland has produced the large "pilgrims" painting for spaceworld 2000.

More artist links here!

Wim Dannau
(+ Visionary Aerospace Writer / 1936-1992)

Wim Dannau;This French site is dedicated to a visionary writer that inspired millions of young and old readers of the comic magazines "SPIROU" and "TINTIN" during the sixties with his short novels about aviation and space conquest. Many of today's European Aerospace engineers owe their careers to the visions and dreams he inspired during the sixties. One of his "victims" is Erik Viktor who happens to be his son...

Spaceworld Homepage
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