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updated 29/12/2001

Left; Space World at the "Forum der Technik" , Deutsches Museum inMunich, Germany. Note the Space Shuttle "Phoenix" with folded wings.

Erik Viktor and General Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov at the artist's home  in 1991 discussing" spatial matters".

Alexei Leonov & Erik Viktor
Deutsches Museum picture
The mobile exhibition Space World was built in the year 1992 by artist-philosopher Erik Viktor and his ASAP-Team, less than six months after the Association of the German Space Industry - BDLI and later DAIMLER-BENZ AEROSPACE A.G.  and MAN Technology, had commisioned the former to produce a unique exhibition destined to promote the ideal and the image of Space Conquest in the eyes of the German Public. The exhibition was to tour Germany for two years and was aimed at large Mega-Shopping Malls, as well as Museums and other exhibition spaces.
The decision to go ahead with the artists proposal for a new 1000 square meters mobile exhibition, was taken in September/October 1991 by the BDLI, during Erik Viktors very succesful Space Expo prototype exhibitions. This was an amazing feat as at the time were this decision was made, Erik Viktor had never build anything alike nor were there any workshops or personnel to complete this very ambitious project.
It was a huge leap from simply illustrating. Still despite these unusual conditions the very cautious German Space Industry went ahead and financed it. That Space World was finished in time and that it became such an outstanding success speaks for their judgement and open mind.
It took the recordtime of only 9 months to design and built it.
While it was being build MERCEDES-BENZ A.G. decided to join the sponsor-team by providing brand-new luxury DB 300 GDL all-terrain vehicles to pull the 3 ton heavy street-legal Spaceship Phoenix designed for the exhibition by Erik Viktor.

These "Jeeps"were to be exchanged once a year, or every 20.000 km for a new vehicle, whichever came first. The lease was to last two years.
Artists from all over the world also participated in the project by providing outstanding samples of their work. Andrei Sokolov Russia's and the former Soveit Unions best-known artist, made two paintings, Alexei Leonov  (above) the living legend  and astronaut Hero of the Soviet Union and Air Force General provided one he made in 1961. This move was also supported in 1992 by the IAAA, The International Association for the Astronomical Arts and the Planetary Society who issued a call for help to their members. As a result Ana Kozel from Argentina and Gabriele Berndt from Germany each produced exclusive art. Gabriele Berndt produced several large 2.3 m x 3.4 m paintings. Hans-Peter Fischer (Ger.) provided two more large paintings (3.4 m x 2.4 m). The first exhibition was staged in Hamburg in a large Shopping Mall in January 1993. It was an immediate success cheered both by the Public and the Media.
The Hamburger Abentblatt, Morgen Post, as well as several national TV stations such as Sat 1 and RTL Nord reported about the event. The next exhibition was staged in Berlin and

although much smaller in size proved to be an even bigger hit. The effect of the exhibition was further enhanced by very succesful as well as the visit of D1 Spacelab astronaut +Reinhardt Furrer. Late Astronaut and Visionary Furrer was one of the first sponsors of the initial Space Expo 91 pilot exhibitions  in 1991.

In 1994, during one of the exhibitions in Weil Am Rhein (Germany), Erik Viktor met scientist Prof. Johan (Hans) Kleinwächter (below, reflecting in one of his solar research refractors) a former "Peenemünde" Rocket engineer ( he worked on an AA-Missile called "Radischen") and leading Solar Energy scientist. Both became partners working on an ambitious Mars-terraforming project. Their visions will be presented in the Space World 2000 exhibition.

Since then Space World has visited over 32 cites in 4 European countries including several highlights such as the 2 1/2 months exhibition at the Forum der Technik in the famous Deutsches Museum in Munich (see above) the visit by leading Austrian politicians in the Vienna Space World exhibition such as former Chancelor F.Vranitzky or several visits by astronauts such as Valery Bykovsky, Reinhardt Furrer ... and AlexeiLeonov.

In 1997 the IAAA (see above) issued a renewed call for support resulting in the participation of great artist's such as David A. Hardy (GB), Andreas von Retyi(D), AnaKozel (ARG), and Michael Böhme(D).

October/November 1997 saw one of the most succesful tours, taking the exhibition straight through Germany from Berlin, via Frankfurt to Saarbrücken. In Frankfurt, the city of the bankers, large posters of the exhibition could be found stuck to the walls of all the underground stations.

Since then more exhibitions and tours followed in Switzerland, Belgium and Great Britain.

E.V. and Austrian Chancelor Vranitzky in Vienna/Spaceworld
Erik Viktor & Chancelor Franz Vranitzly in October 1994 in Spaceworld - Vienna :Austria
E.V. and Cosmonaut V. Bykowsky in Leipzig/Spaceworld
The artist and Cosmonaut Valery Bykowsky in Leipzig (Germ.) in March 1996
The simulator!
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