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updated 26/05/2002

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Panoramic views from our shows in Great Britain and Belgium
Central Milton Keynes 1 , 2 , 3 , 4
Eupen 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12

Download the PDF of our latest event in Southern France in oct. 2001

Exhibition Photographs
Spaceship (simulator) Phoenix; A 12 meter long, 6 meter wingspan visionary spaceship, complete with a lighted glass cockpit. For transport this unique design has folding wings and is tugged using its existing landing gear! It is the only Spaceship with streetlegal German papers! L 12m x ø 6.0m x H 2.15m. 2.4 Tons.

Phoenix is now converted into a fully equipped Jet Flight Simulator. For information on this new exhibit go to the simulator website.

See Vidcaps from the simulator "spotter" computer screen
This monitor is sited outside the ship and shows the plane as seen from another aircraft or the tower.
The nano technology panels; a series of 10 digital paintings by Erik Viktor illustrating various aspects of future medical nano technology applications. H 2.1m x 5.0m.
The "Rosetta" space mission  panels; a series of 10 digital paintings by Erik Viktor illustrating various aspects of the planned ESA cometary space probe. H 2.1m x 5.0m.
UFO and Joemi;  A two meter diameter model of a (fictitious) UFO complete with its alien pilot "Joemi". Includes a sound system and various tapes.
Meteosat; A one to one scale model of the famous European Weather Satellite MOP 4. This very realistic and spectacular model spins like its real counterpart in space. It is 4 meters high and 2 wide. Lighted
another picture
Ariane 5 - Manned; A very detailed one to twenty industrial scale model of the new European launcher,    complete with its launch platform and tower. This model shows the future manned version of the launcher. 3.5 meters tall and 1 m x 1 m wide. Lighted.
Ariane 5 - unmanned (cargo); Another very detailed scale model of the new European launcher, this time showing the actual satellite launcher. 3 m tall, 1 m x 2 m base. Lighted.
Saturn / Mimas Landscape; 3 D model including landscape of the Saturn Moon Mimas and a large panoramic painting of Saturn. 9 m2 lighted.
Moon Landscape; 3 D model including a landscape of the Moon, a lunar base and a large panoramic painting of Earth. 9 m2 lighted
Another panoramic view
Mars Landscape; 3 D model including a landscape of the Mars Valles Marineris as well as a Rover scaling the rocs, and a large panoramic background painting picturing a landing spacecraft. 9 m2,lighted.
Rosetta cometary landscape and probe; 3 D model including a landscape of comet Wirtanen and a Roland (Rosetta) lander, and a large panoramic background painting of the comet. 9 m2,lighted. Another view
Great Martian Landscape; This 30 square meter (!) landscape shows a suited astronaut doll on a sandy Marsplain. Includes large rocs and real sand as well as a 9 meter panoramic painting picturing a marsbase in the background. Lighted. Another view , Another view
Mars fossils; Discover the present and past climate conditions on the Red Planet with these 4 panels featuring 4 unique martian "fossils" designed by Erik Viktor. H 2.1m x L 4.0m. 40kg.
Asteroid; Scale model of the infamous "Earthgrazers". 1 to 10.000, fiberglass, 2 m x 1 m, suspended.
Another view
Art Gallery; 5 meter doublesided galleryincluding original paintings by Andrei Sokolov, Andreas von Retyï, Ana Kozel, Michael Böhme and 5 original paintings by Erik Viktor.
At the Movies (Cinema); See the latest NASA and ESA movies on our video screen. Includes a small tent and seating. Philosophy; 5 doublesided panels. One side shows Erik Viktors Space World philosophy. Lighted. From Space; 5 doublesided panels (the backside of the philosphy) with various collectibles. Parts of Eureca an ESA satellite that flew on the Shuttle, space stamps signed by artists Alexei Leonov and Andrei Sokolov, DDR space stamps signed by Valerie Bykowskyand various other objects that flew in orbit. Includes Erik Viktors Painting "Nord-Deutschland" that flew aboard the Space Station MIR in 1992 (Andrei Sokolov's painting illustrates the docking of this mission to the station), and was signed and stamped on board by the various visiting crews (the first common German/Russian mission!).
Space Station Module; Simulated Mock-up of a station module. Puts the onlooker in a spacy atmosphere while watching exciting NASA movies.
Giant paintings; These huge paintings by artists Gabriele Berndt, Hans-Peter Fischer and Erik Viktor give the exhibition its very special atmosphere closer to a Modern Art Museum than a Space Exhibition. They are hung in the Shopping Mall like gigantic banners. Size 2.4 m x 3.4 m Acrylic on fabric.
Gabriele berndt, more, more
Erik Viktor, more, more
Hans-Peter Fischer,more
The Space tunnel(3D); This exhibit displays a model of the Earth with a Space Station floating above it. The globe (or part of it) spins and the whole scene is lighted in black light. A very spectacular sight that stirs the imagination! This exhibit is generall used with the Alpha ISS Space Station Module above.H 2.0m x L 5.0m x W 2.5m. 50 kg.
Nebula 3; Standing giant painting by Erik Viktor picturing a Nebula and young stars. Uses a foldable aluminium frame. Lighted.
Another view
Our Galaxy; Standing giant painting by Erik Viktor picturing our Milky Way Galaxy as seen from a distant lonsesome moon. Uses a foldable aluminium frame. Lighted.
Another view

More large canvas paintings by fellow artists
Leland Long; another view
Jon Ramer; more, more, more, more
Andreï Sokolov

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