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Updated 29/12/2001

Where is Spaceworld2000 staged?

In  Shopping Malls, Museums, other  exhibition halls.... Main area of Operations; Western Europe &United States of America (Optional);
A U.S. tour is possible, and depends on the amount of exhibitions planned. The more we have, the more likely a U.S. tour will become.The exhibition covers a surface of 1000 square meters but this can be pushed to 2000 square meters. The latest Central Milton Keynes event covered just this amount of space on the ground and in the air!
How can I reserve Spaceworld2000 ? Well in advance! We plan up to two years in advance, although short term bookings are sometimes available as well.A Space World exhibition is rented, just as if you would rent a car, or any other vehicle, except that here you get a high value cultural event.One can hire the exhibition with or without the enhanced Phoenix Spaceship simulator. We deliver Space World and take care of nearly everything.

What does it cost?

The price of the exhibition depends on the conditions in which it takes place (inside, outside..transport distance, custom charges...etc...)
Remember that Spaceworld2000 is a cultural event, its main aim being the information of the public about the importance of the new frontier; Space. The fee supports this commitment.
Spaceworld is rented. The rental price is relatively low, measured to the value of the exhibition as well as the surface it covers, and probably one of the lowest prices for exhibitions available at all. Low running cost, excellent logistics well as many voluntary working hours helped us achieve this goal.

The total pricetag for an exhibition, as mentioned above, depends on many factors such as transport distance, size, location...etc...

Simply send us an E-mail with your request for information.

Please state clearly where you would like the exhibition to be staged and how long it would last. Also give as many details as possible on your goal (commercial, cultural...) as well as on the whole event, should the exhibition be part of a fair or larger event.

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