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updated 29/12/2001

The Astrobike was designed by Erik Viktor from july till october 1986 for a german business man. The artist made many drawings but this is the one that was selected and eventualy built as a 50.000,- Dm prototype.

This was Erik Viktor's first design. Amazingly, while he was drawing the plans, he never checked whether everything (pedals, etc ...) was in the right place. This is especially important in bicycles. He discovered later that (while the protoype was being tested) everything was just were it was supposed to be.

Apart from its unique design - the bicycle industry was at the time very conservative and these simple-complex bicycles were considered as "untouchable" -  Astrobike included many new features

Erik Viktor integrated many new features such as;

- "from back to front/ high to low design". The opposite of what bicycles and scooters looked like at the time.
- front fairing

- "broken fork" design with integrated rubber chocks. This technical innovation allowed the line of the Astrobike to "flow" in one line from back to front

- monolever wheel attachment

- special wheel design

- integrated chaindrive. Hidden inside the  backside monolever arm

- computer

- integrated lights; Althought the actual serial bicycle was never built, apart from the prototype, it was sold to a world leading french bicycle and scooter manufacturer. It is interesting to note that many if not all of their subsequent designs integrated many of Erik Viktor's ideas.
So next time you look at one of these flashy scooters, or bicycles .... remember that there is an "Astrobike" in all of them!

the astrobike in flying colours!
astrobike protoype
The Astrobike prototype as in Franfurt am Main in 1986.

 The Astrobike in "flying colors". Copyright Erik Viktor 1986.

Click here to see one of the original drawings!

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