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Roland Landing

2011 - Mission to a Comet

Upon Landing on Wirtanen the Roland lander would fire a harpoon into the icy surface to avoid possible rebounds on the gravity poor comet.
As an additional safety measure the lander 3 drills sited at the end of each undercarriage leg would penetrate the surface further securing the ship.

The kinetic energy released by the controlled impact would also activate a special electrical motor that would reload the batteries and provide instant “free” energy.

Once upon the surface the lander would take measurements of the surface, the atmosphere of the comet while it approaches the Sun.

A robotic arm would take and analyse surface samples.

All information gathered by the Lander would be relayed to earth by the Orbiter.

Sitting atop the Comet, backed by the Rosetta mother ship, Roland will experience one of the most amazing trip in human history;

the awakening of a bright Comet as seen from its balcony!

© Erik Viktor/Spaceworld 2000

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