The "Rosetta" Gallery

"Separation 2"

Artwork by Erik VIktor 


Rosetta Separation 2

2011 - Mission to a Comet

This digital illustration  by Erik Viktor shows the tiny Roland Lander slowly approaching the dark grey comet in the background.
Note the deep irregularly shaped craters and rifts that cover the celestial body.

Comets are believed to be very dark objects, darker than coal. They bright appearance is caused by the tiny particles and gas that are released as it nears the Sun.

At this stage of the mission the comet is still too far away from the sun for any evaporation to take place.

This is the reason why the Rosetta mission will attempt to land a probe on its surface while it is still at the outskirts of the Solar System; to follow the slow increase of cometary activity whilst the comet approaches the Sun.

© Erik Viktor/Spaceworld 2000

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