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updated 01/01/2002

01/01/2002; The latest Spaceworld2000 exhibition in the city of "Le Soler" - Perpignan (Southern France - 13/10 - 23/10 ) was a huge success visited by VIPs such as ESA astronaut Jean-François "Billy Bob" Clervoy and French science journalist Michel Chevalet and many visitors during the "week of science" event.

Download the Exhibition PDF file here

and last but not least....

Erik Viktor's Mars-invasion game is now online!

17/09/2001; The new streaming 30.5 Mb Medical nanorobot movie is now online!

24/08/2001: The European Space Agency Rosetta website features Erik Viktor's "Rosetta" Painting. It can be seen on the right of the header or in medium résolution here.

26/07/2001; The full Rosetta space mission movie animated by Erik Viktor and music by Mark Mercury is now online as a demo Mpg (21 Mb). Nasa's Lunar & Planetary Information Bulletin with Erik Viktor's cover can be downloaded here. Also download the new full Spaceworld PDF info file here (1.25 Mb).
14/04/2001; Check out the new JET FLIGHT SIMULATOR site, the Quicktime VR files and the flight & cockpit videos.
07/01/2001; The new Rosetta computer animations have arrived! Look at this interesting mission from various angles.
Go to the Rosetta Movies site for more informationThe QTVR site now contains a downloadable full QTVR scene with all 29 exhibition VR files included (2.7 Mb)View the photographs of one of our latest shows staged from the 2d till the 14th of August 2000 in Central Milton  (GB) and in Eupen (B) from the 30th of September till the 14th of October 2000.Or go to the "exhibition list" site for the latest pictures of our shows!
The newly added spaceworld library will feature many of Erik Viktor's past and present visionary stories.
View our Jet Flight Simulator website
The Spaceworld team is currently working on developping the original Phonix spaceship into a fully functional digital flight simulator.

The simulator will include 3 networked 1 Ghz PCs with Stealth 3 graphic cards running on a customised version of MS Flight Simulator 2000.

The cockpit window views will be projected on one centra
Spaceworld on French TV channel TF1
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The Spaceworld website and Erik VIktor's nanorobot animations were the stars of a french prime time show and listed as "Best of the web" site. Go to "Emission du 03/03/2001" Internet & techno.
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Central Milton Keynes(GB);
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Eupen (B);



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Spaceworld in Eupen, Belgium in October 2000
Spaceworld in Central Mi-lton keynes, GB.08/2000
19" and two sideward 17" screens.
The cockpit CRT (Cathode Ray Tubes) graphics and layout is homemade and will run on two 15" screens sited
on the main dual control panel
One extra monitor will show the spotter view of the spaceship for viewers outside the ship.
The simulator will also include a central multi-engine jet throttle console.
The Spaceworld2000 website is now also available in french .
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